KCD Consulting Incorporated

Keith Henry


Mr. Keith Henry is a Métis person that was born in Thompson, Manitoba and raised in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Mr. Henry achieved a B.Ed. from the University of Saskatchewan in 1995.
Mr. Henry began his career in 1995 with teaching positions and has become well known for his strategic administrative and negotiations skills. Since 1998 Mr. Henry has led numerous provincial, federal and industry negotiations on a variety of issues. He has been directly responsible for financial administration of a number of Aboriginal non-profits and has a proven track record of success.

Utilizing Mr. Henry’s vast networks, KCD Consulting Incorporated established an extensive network of resources to ensure that all services meet the highest standards of excellence and reinforce the corporate values. These resources include expertise and experience in human resources, communications, marketing, policy research, strategic planning, presentation and others.

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“to assist Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal organizations and clients meet their full potential in the areas of human resources, project development, marketing, and strategic planning.”