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Project Description

First Nation Joint Venture Partnership Program

Osoyoos Indian Band Development Corporation/Native Education College/Selkirk College


November 2008 – May 2009

Contracted to design a credit course on establishing First Nations Joint Venture Partnership program.  Presently working with committee to complete final program design and implementation details.

Result – The project has been successfully completed.  KCD Consulting Incorporated designed a Course Outline and reading materials.  KCD Consulting is in the process of supporting initial program delivery in May 2009.   

Aboriginal Tourism Association of BC

Corporate Relations/Public Relations

October 2008 - October 2015

Contracted to review internal business model, organizational policies and procedures, governance, and implementation of Aboriginal Tourism Blueprint Implementation Plan.

Result – KCD Consulting Incorporated has successfully completed a business redesign, organizational policies and procedures, and revised strategies to further support the implementation of the AtBC Blueprint Strategy.
KCD completed management support and strategic planning as of October 2015.

Kelly Lake Metis Settlement Society (KLMSS)

Consultation/ Public Relations

October 2008 - October 2014

Contracted to assist Métis community develop a socio-economic community plan and assist with several consultation process with various proponents.

Result – KCD Consulting Incorporated has negotiated various consultation funding agreements with proponents and supporting community address Environment Assessment requirements, design traditional land usage and mapping, and reporting.
KCD Consulting Incorporated and KLMSS completed services in October 2014.

Treaty 8 Tribal Association (T8TA)

Lead Negotiator Site C Project Northern BC

February 2009 - May 2010

Contracted as the lead negotiator on behalf of Treaty 8 Tribal Association with BC Hydro regarding the proposed BC Hydro Site C development in north east British Columbia. 

Result – KCD Consulting Incorporated completed the contracted Stage 2 negotiations. This included managing internal work plan, budget review, setting internal Site C team work targets, and supporting public relations related to Site C.
KCD managed and completed approximately 30 activities to increase Treaty 8 membership awareness, engage downstream First Nation communities, and support Treaty 8 leadership and communities.

Prophet River First Nations

Human Resource Project

October 2009 – March 2011

Contracted to review and design a Human Resource system for the Prophet River First Nations.  Project to include redesigned job descriptions, organizational chart, professional development training, and ongoing human resources management support.  

Result – KCD Consulting Incorporated designed and managed a thorough process that included completion of a revised organizational chart, 26 job descriptions, and drafting 65 human resource policies and procedures.

Update – KCD Consulting has been further contracted to support a Governance and Financial Administration project.  KCD is completing the development of policies and procedures, including community consultation. 

Prophet River First Nations

Economic Development Negotiator

February 2010-March 2011

Contracted to support PRFN economic development initiatives. This includes a number of proposed projects in the PRFN Traditional Territory.

Results – KCD Consulting Incorporated has secured an MOU with EOS Pipelines and Facilities Inc. and continues to discuss other possible revenue generating agreements.
KCD was also supporting an Economic Development project for the community and led negotiations with a major franchise to secure a business relationship. KCD has completed feasibility work, business plan, and land options.

British Columbia Aboriginal Mining Training Association (BCAMTA)

Needs assessment

March – June 2010

Contracted to design two regional Needs Assessments for a specific Aboriginal Skills and Employment Partnership (ASEP) program being implemented by the BCAMTA on behalf of 16 partners.  KCD will complete research and make recommendations that support BCAMTA’s objective to increase 150 Aboriginal employees in the mining sector.   

Result – KCD Consulting Incorporated has completed and submitted the Needs Assessment Report with recommendations for the BC AMTA Board of Directors.

Native Youth Artists Collective (NYAC)

March and April 2010

Contracted to assist NYAC complete a project evaluation in accordance with funded objectives.

Result – KCD Consulting Incorporated has completed the Evaluation Report and submitted on time and budget.

Alexis Creek Indian Band

June 2010-March 2011

Services have been retained to assist Alexis Creek Indian Band (ACIB) develop a strategic plan for their leadership and members.

Result – KCD Consulting Incorporated has completed a Strategic Planning Workshop.  KCD assisted Chief and Council and the department management to complete an internal evaluation, SWOT analysis, plus many other team building exercises. 

KCD provided recommendations to the ACIB leadership to consider as possible next steps.

KCD has been requested to provide additional third party human resources support.

Enbridge Northern Gateway Project
July 2010 – July 2011

Contracted as Director for British Columbia to support Aboriginal consultation regarding the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project (ENGP). 

Result – KCD Consulting Incorporated worked with 16 First Nation groups in Central British Columbia in the central region.  KCD led proponent discussions with the communities regarding the technical design, planning, and identifying community interests and concerns of the proposed project. KCD completed the contract and July 2011.

Tl'ast'en Nation Biomass Project

December 2012-Present

Contracted to review municipal waste issued and potential system address.

Result- KCD Consulting Incorporated has completed extensive review and draft business planning.

Metis Urban Housing Corporation/Metis Capitol Housing Corporation

Board Evaluation


February 2013

Contacted to assist MUHC/MCHC to complete board evaluation and review of strategic planning

Result-KCD Consulting Incorporated has completed the Board Evaluation report and submitted on time and budget.

Arbutus Community and Aboriginal Engagement

Consultant Community Engagement


April 2013-April 2014

Contracted to support First Nation community engagement between Tl’azt’en Nation and Cliff’s Natural Resource Exploration Canada on the proposed Decar Project.

Result – Successful management community engagement with Tl’azt’en Nation member communities and keyoh holders.  This included supporting a number of community investment projects including financial claims and support with Western Economic Diversification.

Lake Babine Nation

Corporate Governance and LBN Business and Strategy Review

October 2015

KCD Consulting Incorporated is preparing 2-day workshop and review roles and responsibilities of boards and committees.
KCD Consulting Incorporated will review the current Lake Babine Nation economic development structure and processes.
KCD Consulting Incorporated will explore with Lake Babine Nation the areas of own source revenues and economic development.


Yunesit' in Nation

December 2015 - Present

KCD Consulting Incorporated has been contracted to affirm community readiness to consider tourism business acquisition.
Prepare Yunesit’in organization and leadership to be ready for negotiations, and the financial costs associated.


Marine Safety Program Administration

Lax Wh'alaams and Metlakatla

October 2015 - Present

KCD Consulting Incorporated has been contracted to lead the Marine Safety Program to address the following:

 Administer for members of the Working Group and provide a safe and neutral space to engage blue sky conversation amongst Coastal participants with a focus on identifying common interests for solutions related to Marine Safety and potential projects coming to the coast.

 The goal of the Working Group is to reach consensus amongst Coastal participants in respect to common interests and solutions.

 The main objective of Phase 1 of the Working Group is to turn common interests and solutions that are identified into recommendations, leading to further stages for engagement with all industry and Communities on the Coast.

Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada

Chief Executive Officer


October 2015-Present

Approved as the new CEO for the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC).  Working on development of 5-year plan 2016-2021 that will focus om increasing business for Indigenous tourism operators in Canada.

Duties include leading negotiations with key partners such as Destination Canada, Tourism Industry Association of Canada, Provincial/Territorial Governments, Provincial/Territorial marketing organizations and numerous tourism industry partners.

Additional duties extend to oversight on new national Indigenous tourism marketing plans, policy and programming for training and experience development consistent throughout Canada. 

Results (as of December 2015) – KCD Consulting Incorporated has completed the following:

  • National Research on the Economic Impact of Aboriginal Tourism in Canada;
  • New Memorandum of Understanding between ATAC and Destination Canada December 2015.  First of its kind in Canada.

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