KCD Consulting Incorporated

Keith Henry

KCD Consulting Incorporated is able to provide organizations and clients with the following services:

1. Board of Director/Governor Development

2. Organizational Vision Planning

3. Long Term Strategic Planning

4. Delivery of community based training projects:

4.1. Adult Basic Education/Life Skills

4.2. Skills Training

5. Change Management Challenge Strategies

6. Effective Dispute Resolution processes

7. Management Development Support

8. Marketing, Promotion, and Communication Strategies

9. Proposal Development

10. Supporting Negotiations

11. Workshop facilitation

12. Plus a variety of other services

KCD Consulting Incorporated is committed to working with organizations and clients to ensure our services are provided in a timely and professional manner that meets identified objectives. KCD Consulting Incorporated fees for service will be assessed based on the type and size of each individual request. KCD Consulting Incorporated is committed to providing clients excellent services.


“to assist Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal organizations and clients meet their full potential in the areas of human resources, project development, marketing, and strategic planning.”